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MusicAdrienne Etkin Nascimento


I’m walking around with a big ole sack, coming in your direction.

What kind of tea do you like? I got it.

I’m the medicine man, herbs from the land. Yeah.

Got rosemary, calm your nerves

Got peppermint leaves that get rid of my fever

I keep periwinkle to get some love now

I got cloves to keep my backbone strong

Gotu Kola I tell you for my blood and

Dandelion for my bones y’all

Haka leaves to keep away flies

Hot baby cayenne for my pressure

I’m the herbman, Oh I’m the herbman.

Get the children out the way now

No, you can’t smoke this sir!

This is for salad, yeah salad.

Hot baby cayenne, for my pressure

Passionflower, lady lavender on my pillow make me sleep good at night

Goldenseal, Chamomile

Nutmeg make your breath smell sweet

Cassava for your snake bites

A dime bag? No, I ain’t got that herb.

No, I don’t have it and you don’t have the cash.

Fill my bag up when you mow the lawn

Throw them weeds away y’all

But don’t through them too far away, save them for me

Cause them weeds you talking about

Is my medicine.

I’m the herbman.

~ Excerpt from Herbman by Olu Dara off of Neighborhoods, 2001 (Olu Dara is Nas' father - if you didn't know) reflects the natural, healing properties of herbs. Transcribed by us so there ARE errors.~