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Admari Tea's proprietary all natural organic energy tea, KickAssam®, was formulated to benefit an active & healthy lifestyle. Starting with premium Assam tea from India, we blend additional tea and botanicals to craft an energy drink to satisfy all palates. Naturally.

KickAssam® is a natural focus-enhancing, energy tea that will invigorate your mind, body and spirit. This bright fusion of tea, herbs and spice creates a robust, rich cup highlighted by smokey accents & just a kiss of sweetness. KickAssam is perfect for your pre or post workout, yoga practice or any time of the day you need a little kick!

Not convinced that KickAssam is the best black tea for energy yet? Check out our TESTIMONIALS.

KickAssam Hand-Packed Teabags come in 3 sizes, 3-ct, 15-ct & 25-ct  all packed in protective rice paper pouches. 

Our hand-packed teabags are good for multiple uses.

KickAssam Loose comes in 2 sizes, the 4oz package is in a stylish reusable black metal canister & the 8oz is packed in a protective rice paper bag.

For our loose tea drinkers, We recommend 4 grams per serving but our energy black tea blend is made with whole leaf tea & premium botanicals so you get a strong first and second infusion. Go for a third! We do. 

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea (Hathikuli Assam), Organic Pu-erh Tea, Organic Honeybush, Organic Cardamom & Organic Yerba Mate //Contains caffeine

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