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I love KickAssam. From the standpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine, KickAssam builds the Yang energy of the body. Yang energy equates to fire, heightened movement, and increased metabolism. We have analyzed KickAssam in our clinic using traditional methods and have found it to be free of toxins and harmful substances, making KickAssam a true elixir of health and wellbeing.
— Ken Andes, L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Federal Researcher for the National Institute of Health and vice-President of the World Institute for Self-Healing
That tea [KickAssam] is SO fabulous! And I so rarely like flavored teas. I’m usually a
tea purist ~ single estate, no nothing but a good leaf. But oh I love that blend. Thank you!
— Erick Gordon, Columbia University Literature Professor
I went into work this morning a zombie. Just one of those days when your body feels like someone hit the off switch. When I got home, I brewed myself a cup of KickAssam, and I felt alive again in about 20 minutes.
Not only does the tea taste great, it actually does boost your energy level. I’m normally a purist when it comes to tea. But Admari’s unique blend is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. The flavors blend very well, and the honeybush in the blend seems to add a bit of natural sweetness to balance it out perfectly.
— Dan Altavilla, MMA fan and Muay Thai student
Adrienne. . .the KickAssam was a hit!!! We did like a two class with yoga and sound healing, drumming and dancing in the middle of the woods in like 95 degree weather and if it were not for KickAssam we would have had yogis dropping out due to dehydration!! Let alone trying to blow the didgeridoo through it. . .we chugged down a couple of gallons in like two minutes!!!!!!! It was KICKASS!!!!
— Jared Bistrong & Ramin Yazdanpanah, Didgeridoo & Sound Healers
This stuff negates the need for sleep.It actually makes me smarter. I do school work better. Is this stuff legal?
— Ian Jay Fosso, Information Technology Lead at Johnson & Johnson and former US Navy
I love the tea [KickAssam] so much 💕💓
— Ewa Josefsson, Miami Yoga Teacher
I recently tried Admari Tea... [they] offer an incredible product called KickAssam Tea. I usually pop a couple caffeine pills before I lift and at her suggestion I tried her blend of tea and herbs for working out (KickAssam). It is incredible and offers the same surge I get from caffeine pills and ECA stacks but without jitters and other unwanted side effects. It had a sustained feeling of energy and it provided a great workout. Try it..good shit
— Anthony Vincent, TV and Film Stunt Coordinator and BJJ Instructor