Tea & Botanical Blends Designed to Honor Your Body + Mind


 Health Focused

Honor your body + mind.

Everything we do affects our health. The products we consume, the ways we move our bodies, our quality of sleep and the stresses we feel all make a difference.

Incorporating healthy beverages into your day is vital to achieving optimal health for you and your family. Admari Tea products support your health needs. Honor yourself with the right choices. 



Quality Ingredients 

We source the best we can find.

Admari Tea searches for the finest grade organic teas, botanicals and spices, all cultivated without chemicals. We mindfully assess each element, then select each ingredient of the tea blend based on its flavor, complexity & availability.

From Argentina to China, from India to South Africa, we hunt for the perfect botanicals while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Benefit Blends

Uniquely crafted to benefit you.

Our continuous innovation & research help us develop tea blends that are beneficial and that support active and healthy lifestyles.

We compose unique blends that combine the accumulated wisdom of ancient cultures in order to deliver results and taste delicious. Hand blended and packaged in small batches, Admari Tea Benefit Blends are created with you in mind.